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"Ariadne": Eric MIchael Gillett
"Broadway Baby": Kelli Rabke
"Move On": Lucia Spina and Evan Harrington
"Anyone Can Whistle": T. Oliver Reid
"Sunday in the Park with George": Lucia Spina
"Anyone Can Whistle": T. Oliver Reid
"Marry Me a Little": Evan Harrington
"Being Alive": Telly Leung
"You Must Meet My Wife": Len Cariou & Victoria Mallory
"Send in the Clowns": Julie Reyburn
"The Ladies Who Lunch": Rob Maitner
"Sunday": Marquee Five
"Everybody Says Don't": Marquee Five
Songheim Unplugged at 54 Below: You Are There
"Officer Krupke": Jacob Hoffman
"Could I Leave You": Dee Hoty
"Losing My Mind": Natalie Douglas
"Anyone Can Whistle": Pamela Myers & Harvey Evans
"Do I Hear a Waltz": Edward Miskie
"Sorry/Grateful": Len Cariou
"I'm Still Here": Sally Mayes
"Buddy's Blues": Jim Brochu & Jeanne Lehman
"I Remember": Victoria Mallory
"Losing My Mind": Blaine Krauss
"The Miller's Son": Ereni Sevasti
"Being Alive": Charlie Levy
"Getting Married Today": Erica Spyres
"No One Has Ever Loved Me": Michael Schwitter
"Take Me to the World": Soara-Joye Ross
"Now You Know": Lucia Spina
"Opening Doors": Harris Doran, Rob Maitner, Lucia Spina, Gabrielle Stravelli, Kelli Rabke, & Joe Goodrich
"Lesson #8/Move On": Evan Harrington & Lucia Spina
"Finishing the Hat": Aaron Ramey
"Sunday in the Park with George": Ramona Mallory
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